Ashtavinayak Yatra Route and Guide

Astha Vinayak in Sanskrit means “eight Ganeshas”. Ganesh is a Hindu deity of unity, learning, and prosperity, and removing obstacles. The term Astha Vinayak means the eight Ganeshas, and Ashtavinayak tour means a trip or yatra to 8 pilgrimages sites or temples of Lord Ganesha in the Maharashtra state of India. In these 8 Pilgrimage sites of Maharashtra, eight distinct idols of Lord Ganesh are situated in a pre ascertained sequence.

Asthavinayak darshan refers to covering the eight ancient holy temples of Lord Ganesh situated around Pune. The ways the murtis are different from each other; similarly, the temples have their legend and history and are distinct from each other. One of the basic distinguishing features of each idol of Ganesh is its form and trunk.

Many spiritualists have a faith that to complete the Ashtavinayak tour you have to further visit the first Ganpati after seeing the entire Ganpati again.

How Is The Guide Going To Help In The Ashtavinayak Darshan Route?

If planning to visit Ashtavinayak from Mumbai, we bring you some highly reliable packages with the most appropriate trip planning. To make your experiences perfect, the tourist guides provide you with the most probable elements. 

You are going to get the best suitable itineraries from us depending upon your comfortability in traveling. A guide helps you in choosing different packages for 1-2 or 2-3 days travel. With the suggestion and planning from the tourist guides, tourist guides will develop the best and better ideas to make the Ashtavinayak route guide successful and make the yatra convenient and equally affordable. 

How We Make Your Tour Easier?

Tourist guides help customise the services and events in the way the tourist wishes. Only you have to watch over all the details of tour packages and set all the things in such a manner that serves your entire purposes very well.

Steps to head towards Ashtavinayak route from Mumbai with the help of a well trained professional tourist guide-

When planning for Ashtavinayak darshan from Mumbai, the tourist guide will always encourage following the susceptible Ashtavinayak tourists to keep the entire Asthavinayak darshan yatra sophisticated and to execute the plans well on time. 

The entire tourist wants to reach the tourist place at the earliest and comfortably. For that, you need to hire a well-experienced tourist Ashtavinayak route guide who will help you complete the Asthavinayak Yatra without any problem. Many people keep this entire Ashtavinayak tour drafted for the Ganesh Chaturthi. It is advised to travel days other than occasion or holidays to have a better experience. It is preferable to accompany the Asthavinayak Yatra before the monsoon season to have a better and cheerful experience. 

During the journey from Mumbai, the first stop is the Mahad. At Mahad, you can have the darshan of Varadvinayak and then proceed towards pali. On heading towards Pali, you can stop at Lonavala to have the darshan of Ekvira Devi on Lonavala Mountain. Pali has the darshan of Shri Ballaleshwar.

In the early morning, you can have the darshan of Shri Chintamani and then head towards sati smarak, which is situated on the bank of river Mutha. Then head towards Morgan and if possible, take a halt at Jejuri to have the darshan of god Khandoba. After reaching the morgan, you can have a darshan of Shri Mayureshwar and then proceed towards Siddhatek.

After finishing the darshan of Shri, Siddhivinayak of Siddhatek then moved towards Ranjangaon to have darshan of the Shri Mahaganapati. A tourist guide will help you spend one night in Ranjangaon in an affordable room with low expenses.

After spending a whole night in Ranjangaon, then start proceeding to Lenyadri in the early morning. You will come across a place named Manchar heading towards Lenyadri, and 70 km from this Manchar, a road will leads towards BhimaShankar, which has one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Bhagavan Mahadev or Lord Shiva. Be ready to have darshan of Shri. Bholenath and then proceed to Lenyadri. To make yourself relax and ready for the next day’s trip, take a halt at Lenyadri during the night to refresh your mind for further Ashtavinayak journeys.

Wake up and freshen up to climb the 307 steps of Lenyadri, and then you can have a darshan of the Girijatmaj. The tourist guide will help you in providing the best breakfast places in Lenyadri, and you can have your breakfast, and then you can head towards the fort Shivneri just near to Lenyadri. 

The Final Thought!

Then, ultimately for the Ashtavinayak route from Mumbai, from the Lenyadri, you can proceed towards the Ozar for getting the blessings of Vighneshwar. After having the afternoon launch, you can lease the Ozar and, lastly, return to Mumbai via Our, Malshej Ghat, Bapsai, and Kalyan & Thane.

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