Kickass Proxy List of 2020

The internet is a highly evolving world which encompasses a whole of things underneath it. It has opened up the possibility of vibrant action like downloading, advertising, sharing and a lot more to add to the list. There is nothing which cannot be accessed through an internet connection. One of such significant activity is Torrenting. The act of torrenting is very much in demand these days. Torrenting involves downloading and uploading of files using torrent network available on the internet. Basically, there are other people out there who upload catalogues on the websites from where you can download the file you need. You don’t have to visit the primary server to download the files. Torrenting has made the process of downloading files very much quicker and easier.

When we talk about Torrenting, it involves peer to peer transfer of a file. Every person who is uploading or downloading a file is known as a peer and all these peers together are called as swarms. A peer can upload or download such files from the software which are available in abundance on the internet. Such software is called as Torrent Management Software. A peer can download a file from several devices and can simultaneously upload such files in several devices.

Torrenting, however, is considered as an illegal activity. Piracy is illegal in most countries like the USA, India, etc. And torrenting is regarded as Piracy in India. The reason why torrenting is regarded illicit is that it involves hampering a lot of copyrighted and authorised work without the permission of the owner. It involves leaking of movies, music albums, videos, games, images and a lot more to add to the list.

Torrenting primarily involves sharing of peer to peer files for which you may need several file-sharing technologies. For pprocessing Torrent activity you need to have a Torrent Search Engine portals which can give you access to the files you wish to download or upload. The internet is home to several torrents search engines or torrent sites. One of the finest torrent sites available today is KAT or Kickass Torrent.

What are Kickass Torrents?

For carrying out the process of Torrenting, you got to have access to several websites to download your torrent. Kickass Torrent is an amazing site for downloading torrents from. It is extremely popular amongst its folks or users. Kickass Torrent was established in the year 2008 but after a few years in 2016, it suddenly got disappeared and the users went crazy.  It was a website which catered to a directory of torrent files and links using the BitTorrent Protocol. In 2014 it had surpassed the records of being the most visited BitTorrent site. In spite of the popularity and visibility Kickass had earned, it was bound to shut down owing to the pirated work it did. Torrenting is banned in many countries as it is considered piracy and that is why Kickass Torrent went offline.

In December 2016, the members and the founders of Kickass Torrent tried to bring out a resembling device which would provide similar torrents to the users. However, it failed as it did not work as magnificently as Kickass Torrent. Although the original site disappeared today there are several Kickass Proxy sites which are giving similar benefits as Kickass Torrent use to give. The Kickass Torrent Proxy list gets updated regularly from time to time. Even though these KAT proxy sites are restricted in your region they are still useful when you need to create your content.

What is Kickass Proxy?

Kickass Torrent was one of the leading Torrent sites available for torrent users. But after the US Government banned the site owing it to be a pirated site and involved in illegal activities, the craze for torrent sites took a hype. Torrenting had become an important source of pecuniary as well as other benefits. Kickass Torrent is banned in many countries and the access of the users is strictly prohibited but there are several ways to reach such Torrent sites and continue the process of downloading and uploading files amidst Peers. Kickass Proxy sites are the ones which are available as alternatives to Kickass Torrent website. Although the use of sites is illicit in certain countries by accessing the Kickass Proxy sites you can enjoy the facility that was provided by Kickass Torrent site. This Proxy sites work as intermediaries which will help you access the Torrent sites in spite of them being banned in your country.

What is the use of Kickass Proxy Sites?

Although the act of torrenting is illegal and is thus banned in many countries, there are people out there who depend upon torrenting to gain pecuniary benefits. The activity involves most of the pirated stuff like accessing copyrighted films, games, legit apps, etc. The users of torrent sites are the ones who build up illegal websites for a large number of people out there to access such torrent content. There are many people out there who access to files from the illegal websites.

It is not really possible to have the Kickass Torrent online, but there are these proxy sites which can give you similar benefits and torrent files as the Kickass Torrent website. These proxy sites can help the peers to get the torrent files of their use. The proxy sites host a plethora of Torrent files and Magnet Links which can help you if you are a Peer, to download your favourite torrent content without much hassle.

How does a Proxy Site work?

These Proxy sites are intermediaries between the original Kickass Torren library and the peers. By using these proxy sites you can indirectly access the original torrent site as a result of which, the IP address of your device shall not be recorded. As these websites are pirated ones and are mostly blocked in your countries, you can access them using these proxy sites. For instance, if you are wanting to access the library of Kickass Torrent, you browse through KAT proxy sites and then you go the website. This indirect access to original torrent sites using the proxy sites shall help you to save your IP address being surfed in illegal sites as the original sites are mostly banned. The sites mentioned in the Kickass Proxy Sites list of 2020 are all active proxy sites which will trail your way to the torrent libraries and links.

Best Working Kickass Proxy Sites for 2020?

There are several proxy sites of Kickass Torrent is available. These sites are valid and are currently in a functional state. If you wish to get your torrent content, these websites can turn out to be the best options for you. Although they are not legal websites, they work very efficiently. Kickass Torrent use to have an outstanding library of collection of torrent files and magnet links, through these proxy sites you can get access to that library of Kickass Torrent.  Some of the best working Kickass torrent sites are

Alternatives Kickass Torrent Sites

Kickass Torrent was undoubtedly one of the leading torrent sites in the market. Although the prime reason for such popularity is the extraordinary pirated content that is posted in its sites. Kickass Torrent had a library of copyrighted content which had been collected by illegal means. But after the renowned Torrent Site got offline, the craze for a substitute got hype. Although Kickass Torrent try to bring forth a sister website, it did not sustain the market. Today on behalf of Kickass Torrent, there are several proxy sites as mentioned above which are active and can indirectly trail you to the Kickass Torrent Library. However, if in any case, the above-mentioned proxy sites don’t work, we have a list of well known Twell-known which can be used as an alternative for Kickass Torrent;

1.The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the best-known torrent sites which existed since the time of Kickass Torrent. There was a time when TPB was regarded as the best Torrent site until in 2014 KAT surpassed it. The peers who got accustomed to KAT, for them TPB is a brilliant substitute because it is highly popular among its folks. The torrent content it hosts is highly in demand and the Alexa ranking of 316 makes TPB one of the most desired alternative for Kickass Torrent.


RARBG has got a huge fan following. Although it is a decade-year-old it has still managed to maintain the niche that it had carved in its peer’s life. With an Alexa rank of 707, it is still one of the torrents sites with humongous visibility. Though the internal working or interface is not so developed and convenient, the large and loyal audience that RARBG has grabbed is beyond praises. The prime reason for such huge fan following is its abundant torrent on films and shows which grabs up huge visibility.

3. TorLock

Once you visit the site of TorLock, you realize what an impressive substitute it is for Kickass Torrent. It has got a hassle-free and categorized interface divided into numbers of categories like films, music, games, software, etc. This makes this site great to use. The rich and updated torrent that it hosts is undeniable.


This is another incredible alternative for Kickass Torrent. It is known for its extraordinary interface which makes it highly hassle-free and desirable. In this torrent site, you can access your content directly from the search toolbar or you can access from the best 100 torrent categories. This torrent site has an exceptional internal feature with an Alexa rank of 327. They even declare the best searches torrent of each category.

5. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrent can be treated as one of a great alternative for Kickass Torrent.  The elevated and updated content that it provides is highly on demand. It has an outstanding interface with an easy and convenient browsing experience. The catalogue of files, links and torrents that this provides has laid it into the list of top Torrent sites of 2020.

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