13 Best Movie Download Sites 2020

Entertainment has been a huge factor since centuries. Films, Television soaps have a wide range of contribution to the entertainment world. However, the new millennium demands the latest web series, music albums, SciFi movies and a lot more. This entertainment stuff reaches us via sites and app hosting several genres of films and shows. In this article, we will learn about the 30 best movies download websites.

Isn’t finding movies on the internet more complicated than it sounds. There are innumerable places where one can try and do try to download movies. But he often ends up being irritated and harassed. Finding a real authentic source amongst millions of websites is not an easy task. Some you happen to discover them by luck, or sometimes it takes super extensive research to find them. Or sometimes, you are merely lucky to stumble across such articles like these. 

This article has done the super extensive research on your behalf to help you find the best resources if you ever wish to download the movies. Read this article in detail to find the multiple source point to solve this problem. Please note this list is presented in random order:


This 2014 established platform has gained momentum ever since the premium of Indian Premier League. This site is associated with Star Plus and hence hosts all of the television soaps of the channel. One of the profound OTT Platform, HotStar has managed to enrich the thirst of the Indian entertainment enthusiasts. Besides honing movies download of several Bollywood, Tollywood and Hollywood films, it also has given birth to many original shows and series which have gained it huge popularity.


This is a good website for people looking to HD quality movies as well as the standard quality of the film. The feature which is most loved about this is the feature called dual audio.

One of the best site to download and stream Bollywood films, is Worldfree4u. This site hones a library of content belonging to different genres of Indian Cinema. It gives access to films worth 1080p quality in just few hundred MB. The Bollywood database it hones, makes it extremely popular amongst Bollywood buffs out there.

This makes the website stand out amongst the others. The site is filled with a vast collection. You will likely find the movie that you are looking for. There are also available for downloads various series that is often searched for by many people.


Mp4moviez is a very reliable site. This site is beneficial for people looking to download movies for free. You can find multiple categories for your entertainment. Different qualities of the film are available for the choice of the viewer. The website also covers a library of many languages. The feature which makes this website a favorite among the users is the fact that a person can request a particular movie if he is not able to find it in the existing library. This website is also ideal for people who are looking to explore web series.


Gofilms4u has a unique search feature for its library. Any person can go to its library and customize their search by the filter of releases by the year. Many genres of movies can be availed through this website. Genres such as action, documentaries, adventure, or shows on other themes fill the site in abundance. You have the facility to download Bollywood movies in various formats of quality. 


In your search for the latest Bollywood movies download in HD belonging to other countries and continents, you should seek this website. This can help you a lot in the fields of the film as it is one of the more popular of sites. A varied type of content available in its library ensures that everybody who visits the website is entertained. Iconic series such as WWE are also made available for the interest of the public.


FMovies.se is another prominent site dedicated to free movies and web shows. In this site, you can not only avail Bollywood feature films but also movies belonging to different countries. Hollywood films are very popular amongst the users of FMovies.se. You don’t have to create a separate account to access to the films and webs, you can directly enjoy the movies by downloading or simply watching over in the site.

HD Movies Point 

HD Movies Point is a very famous site for movies downloads amongst major entertainment enthusiast in India. As it offers a plethora of Indian Cinema of various crisp genres. It can let you have an HD quality movie in such few MB and hence has got a distinctive fan following.


If you happen to be looking for stable options for movies download, then this website may be able to solve your problem. Its dashboard is clean and impressive. Its design enables users to download the film with great ease. If you happen to be looking for movies that have been dubbed in a language of our preference, then this website is a great resource.


One of the most loved movies download Sites is FullHDco.in . It hosts some of the major Bollywood films and shows which have created stir in peoples mind and heart. It has a Search tool, which gives easy access to the films or series of your choice. This popular site also houses several content in local and languages catering to the demands of Bollywood buffs out there.


One of the first choices of Bollywood buffs out there, 300mbmovies.com is very popular in India. It gives access to high-quality films and shows just on behalf of a few MBs. It is regarded as a major portal for exploring the enigma of Indian film Industry. The interface used by this site is highly useful and convenient.

HD movie+

If you are looking for excellent options, then this website can do the trick, this website is one of the new opportunities to download Hindi movies from. The site also lets you download movies that are made in animation. It has on its website movies of size as small as 300MB. 


This website allows you to download Bollywood movies in HD quality across a variety of languages. This website also has the facility for you to download regional film. The speed made available for downloading is provided of good quality. This feature helps in you having a better user experience.


The following website suggested to be used to download the favorite movie is Moviepur. This website provides every user with access to a large number of options. These options are straightforward to download. Any laymen will be able to download anything without any difficulty. It has proved to be the best site to download bollywood movies in hd


Another option which may prove to be one of the best ones is the website 123movies. This website is among the pioneers in this space. They have been helping people in the latest movies download for a long time. This website also has the added feature of online streaming. So in case, you don’t have the mood to wait around for the movie to get downloaded, then you can use this feature. 


If you happen to be looking for options from where you can also latest bollywood movies download in small compact sizes, but you would want the movie quality to be top-notch. This website is the perfect solution to this problem. The feature which is most in demand on this website is its ability to take requests for the movies which are not available.

Movies baba

This is of the more latest website which has come up recently. The people using this website seem to be having smooth functionality, and no problem was reported.


One of the most prominent OTT platforms happens to be Netflix. In the past few years with the outstanding series of Sacred Games, Netflix has carved a separate fan base amidst the youth of India. With more than 150 Million followers Netflix has earned the position of one of best-used movies download sites in 2020.  This American based site hosts films, web shows, documentaries, Television soaps, and a lot more which entices swamps of audiences. Undoubtedly Netflix is one of the leading movies download sites in 2020.

Netflix is an excellent resource for people who are willing to pay for content. It is very famous for its library and User interface.

Amazon Prime

Amazon prime is a strong contender of Netflix on the grounds of paid content. The advantage it offers is that the library has many things that Netflix may not have.

Amazon Prime is yet another site which is creating a stir amongst entertainment enthusiast out there. This American based company have lately been launched in India after performing humongous in the USA and UK.

This has become one of the finest OTT platform of the current times with complete legal background. Amazon Prime not only houses varieties of Films, Shows and Web series, it also produces several Originals for entertaining its viewers.


Undoubtedly YouTube is one of the leading movies download site. This site is co-related to Google and is hence a cent percent legal site to deliver a plethora of movies and videos. YouTube is not only the home of several genre of videos, audio, music albums but also is an enormous powerhouse of films belonging to the Hollywood, Bollywood and even Tollywood industries. YouTube is a legal venture and is regarded as one of the top search engines. It has got millions of followers and regular video uploaders known as You tuber.


This free movies download website has got various genres of films and shows hosting in their website. They have got films of Horror, Comedy, Sci-fi, Romance, Drama and a lot more. With its highly convenient interface, this site is very popular amongst its users.

The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a lesser-known site but has got a huge fan following amongst the geeks and bibliophile out there. Besides hosting free access to several films of varying genres and tongues, it also houses several books, papers and documentaries. One of the prominent objectives of this site is to render free internet access to everyone. It is also earned the position of India’s largest book digitalization site.


Retrovision has got it’s separate fan base because of its outstanding looks and services. It houses plethora of genuine films. The categorical separation of all genres of films like horror, comedy, action etc. Makes this site highly convenient and hassle free to watch and download films and distinct audios. The best feature of this site is its user-friendly service. 

The Roku Channel

 This amazing site for movies download is very popular amongst movies buff. The Roku Channel not only hosts varying genre of Hollywood, Bollywood films but also is home to several web shows and series.  Besides feature films and web series it also has got access to television daily soaps. This movies download site can be reached through Google search engine.

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is a popular movies download sites. Although it is not yet available in Indian Market, but you can access it through VPN Network. This site hosts several Hollywood feature films, web shows and television daily soaps. Sony Crackle has got innumerable films and shows. There is also a search tool available on the site to make your experience more fruitful .

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is undoubtedly one of the best sites which give access to free movies and web shows.  This OTT platform is regarded as the best of the Pluto units. It not only showcases free movies belonging to the Bollywood but also various web shows, news channels, sports, television soaps and a lot more. The website doesn’t really need a laptop or PC, it can be availed via mobile phones too. Pluto TV has a great fan base.

No Budge

Founded by filmmaker Kentucker Audley, No Budge is undoubtedly one of the major movies download site. It has got a lot of dedication towards short films, feature movies. It houses films which are not really critically acclaimed by the analysts out there. Each of the film which gets posted in this platform has been selected by Audley himself and that’s why has a separate fan base.


Hoichoi got launched in the year 2017 by one of the very famous SVF Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. This streaming platform can be regarded as an OTT outlet showcasing mostly content belonging to the Bengali Film Industry of India. Besides that it also houses several South Indian Films. It is not limited to being a website but has got a app for Android and iOS users. It can also be accessed through Apple TV and Amazon Freefire TV.


Mxplayer is yet another amazing OTT platform of India. It houses latest Bollywood badass films along with classic cults and shows dedicated to carnal longings. Besides hosting several genre of films, it produces a variety of Originals which entices a great Indian Audience to the site. Mxplayer also provides a app for the Android and iOS users out there.


This Indian streaming platform was launched in the year 2017 by Sun TV Network. This OTT outlet has a major fan following in India as it offers major South Indian and shows. This platform has given a new outlook to the South Indian Films which are highly entertaining and heart throbbing. This is not limited to being a simple website but also has got separate apps for Android and the iOS users out there.

The Korean Film Archive 

This site is a gem for the Korean film lovers. The craze for Korean Series and Films has raised the tempo in the past few years. Entertainment buffs have gone gaga over it, for such people this YouTube Channel called The Korean Film Achieve is nothing but a Treasure Box. It hosts varying Korean Drama since 1930 and dedicates entirely to the Korean Film Industry. Although this is not a free site indeed is one of the major movies download hub in 2020.

Watch TCM

Watch TCM is regarded as one of the best movies downloading site in 2020. It releases a plethora of movies and shows which are on demand. This free site avails millions of users to watch and download HD quality movies. It is best known for hosting some outstanding features like Casablanca, Gone With The Wind and the like. It also dedicates a separate app for Android and iOS users. 

IMDb Freedive

This movies streaming site is owned by Amazon. This site is rapidly engraving niche in people’s heart with its outstanding services and content. Amazon is planning to launch IMDb as a mobile app to make it more accessible to the entertainment buffs out there. No doubt this site hones a plethora of entertainment stuff like shows, serials and a lot more. You can access this site via laptops or Amazon freefire TV devices.

Yahoo view

Yahoo View is an American company and is not yet available in India, however, you can access the site via VPN Technology. Like other free movies download platform, it provides a very convenient service on its main page. You can download a variety of films, TV Shows and web series. It hones a very hassle-free search option with lenient interface.


Vimeo is yet another site which gives access to free movies and TV shows, short films and a lot more. It was created in 2004 by some filmmakers with an intention to garner entertainment fanatics with outstanding and loved contents. It houses more than 8 crores content and is very popular among the Vimeo users. You can also demand films and shows on it by paying for them. 


This free streaming forum is very much popular amongst its users. It not only gives access to several films and shows but also has a variety of children programmes. Kanopy is more prominent amongst the kids for its enriching children content. Besides that, it provides subjects for all age groups. You can avail to its service by taking the library members of the site.


This American based company is a very famous platform for streaming free movies and shows. It is owned by Walt Disney Company. Like other OTT platforms, Hulu is a subscription-based site where the users need to have a subscription to access to the variety of content that Hulu hones. It also has an app-based outlet for Android and iOS users.


PopcornFlix is yet another outlet which gives access to free movies, TV Shows and Web Series. This is a foreign streaming site which is not yet available in India. It is also known for having various gaming consoles and producing enriching content for its outstanding fan base. It hosts a sundry of Hollywood films and shows which are garnered by classifieds.

Movies Found Online 

MoviesFoundOnline is a platform which hosts a variety of films, serials and shows. One of the best part about this platformitsit’s the categorization of the films and shows. They have arranged the films and shows according to their genre. This site has got a wide-ranging genre of content. They have documentaries, short films, cult classics, animated visuals, action movies and also films dedicated to carnal longings.

Open culture

Open Culture is another leading movies and shows platform. It not only gives free access to several films and web sports but also has an abundance of textbook audios in numerous languages. This platform is treated as one of the most loved book digitalization arenas. You can also watch and download a sundry of Hollywood movies, web series as well as television daily. This 2006 established platform also houses many Oscar-Winning films.


There are numerous sites dedicated to free streaming of feature films and ANTMOVIES.TV is the latest of all. This site is highly involved in sharing films, shows belonging to Hollywood as well as Bollywood. It also garnishes dubbed Hollywood films which have acclaimed great reviews from the audience. With an incredibly convenient interface, ANTMOVIES.TV is gaining popularity amongst the movies buff.

The internet can also be a dark place. And sometimes, you may not know what type of files you end up downloading. This article tries to bring to you sources that are safe. You can Bollywood movie download without any hesitation and irritation. The reader is also informed that movie downloading laws vary from country to country. Everybody should be careful and comply with the requirements of the land. This article was created to educate people on various aspects regarding movie downloads.

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