5 Promising Careers After a Masters in English – What To Do After MA English?

As we know that the English language is used in most countries in the world therefore English is an important language to learn. If you are thinking of choosing the right career option for you then you can try career counselling post-graduation which will help you to choose the right career path to achieve your goals. In the career counselling session, they will evaluate your hobbies based on some psychological tests. From this test, the counsellor will give you the correct path to follow your dreams.

As we know that the thinkers and philosophers in the world choose the English language to publish their work. In this way, most of the people in the world can read that. English is a vast and versatile language. You can see in many countries the pronounce of the word and the grammar is different as compared to the original. When you choose to get admission in MA in English literature in India then you will get many jobs after MA English. There are many career options that you can pursue after the degree in English. Many high- paying jobs can give you great life as you want.

5 Promising Careers after a Masters in English

Following are some great career options that you can join after you complete the degree in English literature. You will find the best job for MA English literature with a great salary.

  • ESL Teacher:
  • This one of the under-considered courses after MA literature by people. Many people do not consider this course as their future but you all should know that this is one of the dream courses. Teaching English as a Foreign Language in the novel but this course is exactly like that. If you complete this course you will have to go to many countries to teach English to the students. With this job, you can visit many countries and this is one of the best benefits of this job. Many of you wanted to travel the world and this is your opportunity. If you choose this career after MA English then you will get a great salary and benefits to travel around the world.
  • For this job, you have to get a certificate such as MyTEFL, and a TFEL course sponsored by Oxford University which you can complete in 1 month of the period. This course certificate will help you to get a great ESL teacher job.
  • Copywriter:
  • If you are thinking of what to do after MA English then this is one of the great jobs which you will find after the degree in English literature. If you are finding a permanent job or the job on a freelance basis then this job is great for you. A copywriter generally works in ad agencies in which you have to make some changes instant in the language. This job is great for you when you are in the creative team. Most of the ad agencies prefer the English degree to select you for the job or you can also get admission in the journalism course after MA literature. Copywriter job will provide you with a great salary and the odd hours shift at work.
  • Journalism:
  • If you are thinking about the MA English job abroad then this is one of the great career options to choose from others. When you complete the MA in English you can choose journalism as your higher studies option. As we know that social media is becoming one of the central points of people’s life which can give you a lot of job options in the journalism field. Journalism is all about getting attention from the audience with your work. You have to assemble your news in such a way that people can relate to it. This is one of the adventurous jobs in which you have to keep yourself up to date with the news of the world.
  • Most of the journalism company is looking for candidates who have a degree in MA English or the degree of journalism. This will give you a great job with a great amount of salary. You can also apply for the courses which are necessary for the journalism job.
  • Technical Writing:
  • This job is one of the exciting jobs at this time. If you complete the degree in ma English then this job is great for you. Technical writing is one of the great jobs which will give you a great salary in the USA you will get $60,000 manually and in India, you will get 5,00,000 per year. In this job, you have to write the product manual to help people to use the product simply. If you buy a technical product from some company and you don’t know how to assemble this thing then this manual will help you with everything. It will provide you with great information about the product and company.
  • You also have to make sure that you will write this content in simple language which will help people to understand. Many commercial companies will hire you for this job if you have a degree in English literature. You can also apply for the technical writing course after the degree in English literature. This will give you extra benefit in the future.
  • Professor in English:

If you want to get this job in universities then you have to complete your doctorate and research first in the English field. This job will give you a great salary in every University. You will get up to 10,00,000 per year in India. You will also get a great reputation in society. The work of the professor is really simple. You have to teach English at University and help students with their assignments and assessments. You also have to schedule the lectures at the university for the students. As we know that the English language is one of the common languages used by the people in India therefore you will get great opportunities for jobs in this field. In this job, you will get to share your wisdom with the students at university.

All the above 5 jobs are promising career options after the MA in English which will give you a great life in the future. You will also get a great amount of salary for these jobs. All the career options are different from each other and give you a vast range of opportunities in the future.

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