Rebel Wilson’s Weight Loss Secrets

Rebel Wilson is such a personality on the internet that you cannot avoid looking into her biography and lifestyle. She is known to spread love and laughter to her fans and people around her. This actress, who hails from Australia, is a famous artist in the Hollywood industry. She can add light into the dark world in all the gloomiest and depressing days. Her smile and the positive vibes that she spreads will make you an addict of her. The best thing about her positivity is her size and shape of the body that couldn’t stop her at all from achieving enormous success and fame across the globe.

A few days back, when she uploaded a picture in the Instagram, fans were shocked to see her incredible weight loss, and soon she became an inspiration to the whole world. She was about to lose more than 35 pounds in just a short period of time. Do you want to know what inspired her and how she lost so much weight within a few months? If yes, then read through the article. It may also encourage you to stay fit and healthy throughout your life.

Rebel’s motivation for losing weight

Rebel’s journey towards weight loss started in the year 2016. In the year 2015, when she attended an interview with the Cosmopolitan, she disclosed that she loves to be unique and quite different from others, which is a good thing. When she walked into the agent’s office initially, the agents looked at her and complimented her, stating that they have no one in their books like Rebel was. The agents signed Rebel on the second day itself. Rebel told that she is not into the world of the so-called glamour and are surrounded by generous people throughout her life. She also said that it’s her brain, heart, and everything inside her that has motivated her to a great extent, and she is proud of the body that she has.

In the interview, she revealed about her hormonal imbalance that is present in her body, which contributes a lot in making her weight to gain more and more. She is someone who has a great love for food, and she openly confessed that she loves eating whenever she is sad or happy. She loves eating ice creams and desserts. Whenever she is passing through a rough phase in her life, the only thing she does is eating good food. Food is the only comfort she seeks.

Rebel Wilson never wanted to change her appearance in terms of looks; however, it was this phase in her life that she wanted to lose some pounds and become fit and fine. She struggled a lot as the only thing she used to do is to eat whenever she was sad. Then, one beautiful day, she just thought that it’s high time for her to lose some extra pounds and inches in her body, and she began her weight loss journey.

Diets Rebel follows

To lose weight, Rebel had to change a lot of things in her body, including her eating habits. She spoke to many of her friends from Hollywood who lost weight and became prominent stars. It was her friends’ advice that helped her a lot in losing more than 35 pounds in just a few months. Her diet chart would include the following:

No Calories

First of all, she stopped counting calories and began calculating the amount of fibre that she was intaking daily. There are many reasons associated with stopping the count on calories that you are consuming, as she said in the interview. Here are two reasons why counting calories won’t help you in reducing weight: (I) you cannot count the exact number of calories each nutritious food is having, and (ii) it always prevents you from eating foods that are considered suitable for your body.

Vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits contain high amounts of dietary fibre, nutrients, and proteins that are required by your body to kill the fats. Rebel knew the concept behind eating a lot of fibre and protein-rich vegetables and fruits that also helped her in fighting harmful diseases and hair loss.

Healthy Fats

Healthy fats aid your body in reducing inflammation-induced weight gain. Rebel ate healthy fats such as avocado, nuts, seeds, etc. that kept her hunger cravings in control and reduced the amount of stress that she used to take.

Healthy Snacks

Rebel’s diet chart included a lot of healthy snacks. However, if you want to cut down higher levels of fat content in your body, you will have to consume these snacks, as she has stated in her interviews:

  • Cashews, Brazil nuts
  • Almonds
  • Celery
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Carrot
  • Almond butter
  • Chicken breast
  • Food cooked with olive oil
  • Zucchini chips
  • Vegetable hummus
  • Cucumber

Rebel’s workout plan

Rebel Wilson weight loss not only included a strict control on her diet plans but also included an extensive workout schedule. In the year 2015, when she posted her photo on Instagram, she mentioned that she lost about 8 pounds in just four days because of the marathon hiking. She also thanked her dedicated staffs and masseuses.

Rebel worked out every single day to remove the fat contents from her body. Her workout would not only include her 30 minutes exercise at the gym, but also includes jogging in the open fields, playing tennis, and many other outdoor games.

Rebel also mentioned many times in her social media posts or interviews that the trick to lose weight is by keeping yourselves active. When you try to burn all the calories that you are consuming, you tend to lose weight automatically.

Tips by Rebel

People across the world are reading about Rebel Wilson lose weight stories on the web and are getting inspired by the tips that she gives to them. Here are some of the best tips from her:

  • Adhering to the plan that you have chalked out
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Being confident of who you are and your body

These are some essential tips she has provided through social media posts or by giving interviews that focused on her weight transformation. Her journey towards losing weight is very much inspiring and motivating for all those who are planning to lose their weight.

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