Top 08 Alternatives To Salesforce CRM

The market of business CRM took a considerable turn with the advent of Salesforce. Salesforce entered the market and in no time, became the most popular business CRM software platform that a business enterprise can use. It offered its clients an array of effective and highly automated services that dealt with the recording, processing, storing and assessing the valuable customer data stored in their systems.

Apart from managing the customer database, Salesforce CRM also uses Salesforce Marketing Cloud in making a thorough analysis the activities performed by your sales team and provides you with valuable feedback on the services you are offering your customers. The core principle on which Salesforce functions is that of offering personalised services to your customers. It helps you in tailoring the services you offer your customers according to their likes, interests, needs and preferences.

However, the market constantly keeps expanding and new players are always entering the game. Owing to greater digitisation in recent times, the number of customers has also increased considerably as the majority of the business transactions have shifted to varied digital platforms. This has given rise to several CRM platforms that are similar to Salesforce and offer services falling into the same realm. Though Salesforce is an absolute market leader, it is also important to know about its alternatives in order to understand the business CRM market better.

Here are some of the best Salesforce alternatives that you might want to opt for if Salesforce doesn’t look like your cup of tea:

Hubspot CRM

Hubspot is arguably one of the most popular Salesforce alternatives. A major advantage of Hubspot CRM over Salesforce is the fact that the former comes with a trial version which is absolutely free of cost for unlimited users. It is primarily built for businesses that are new and growing with an interface that is simple and easy to understand. It helps in speeding up certain important activities performed by their clients by providing them a computerised platform for the same. However, this platform cannot be used if you need to analyse more complex data and want a deeper analysis of your activities and the behaviour of your customers.


Freshsales is a CRM software platform that is built for small and medium enterprises that provide their clients with a high degree of automation and data analysis. Similar to the artificial intelligence component incorporated by Salesforce called Einstein, Freshsales has also employed a similar intelligence tool that helps you in making certain important predictive analysis when it comes to keeping a track of the way your customers behave. Freshsales would also be a good platform in order to customise your services according to the needs of your customers.


Pipedrive is essentially a sales CRM platform that is built primarily in order to make sure you are able to efficiently drive your sales. It helps you in creating and managing sales pipelines for your team, allowing you to monitor all stages of your sales cycle effectively, helping you close your deals. Pipedrive also provides you with enhanced services such as email automation and integration and making sales forecasts. It also has an effective scheduling tool that notifies you regarding relevant updates in real-time.


Base is an effective Salesforce alternative built essentially for businesses that have little to no experience in using automated CRM software earlier. It has features, tools and components which are extremely easy for a user to understand and follow. Interestingly, Base is the first CRM software to offer a mobile application on the platform of Android. This facilitates a high degree of flexibility in business operations as the employees can log in to the system and perform their tasks from anywhere at any time.


Infusionsoft is an automated business CRM platform that follows a centralised approach by providing services such as sales and marketing automation, email integration, integrating mobile applications and more on a single interactive platform. This platform is suitable for smaller businesses with a limited database that want to avoid using multiple platforms and spending separately for each of them. It also has a simplified use interface that doesn’t require any training to be conducted by small business owners.

Sugar CRM

Sugar CRM is a platform that has a wholesome approach on marketing management and facilitates several management functions performed by a business enterprise, such as management of sales pipelines, management of opportunities created and effectively managing the account a business is dealing with. Sugar CRM also provides tools for effective business analytics and automation of several important marketing and sales activities performed by the respective teams. The CRM platform comes at a price small and medium enterprises can afford, which can also be customised by the users according to their convenience.

Zoho CRM

When it comes to managing sales, Zoho CRM is one of the best Salesforce alternatives in the market. It is the ideal choice for businesses that are willing to customise the services and sales pertaining to the needs of their customers by offering their users twelve highly sales-centric products. The features offered by Zoho CRM are highly customisable and come at a fairly affordable price for the degree of automation the platform provides. It also comes with an effective free trial version which has all the basic features such as generic lead management, effective templates, interactive dashboards and other enhanced integrations and customisations.


Creatio is a CRM platform that provides its users with varied products helping them in almost every marketing and sales functions performed by their team. They have highly efficient and automated lead management tools that would enter the prospects you approached in the sales pipeline the moment they show interest in your business. Creatio also helps you in tending to the qualified leads in the most effective manner. Also, the platform, ideal for small and medium enterprises, incorporated a low-coding technology that further simplifies its use and helps users and developers to navigate easily through its interactive user interface.

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