Susan Boyle Weight loss

Susan Boyle, an incredible songstress, is now making headlines across the world for her amazing transformation. She was able to lose more than about 50 pounds within a few months because of her dedication and motive. Everyone across the world is talking about Susan Boyle weight loss, which is also quite inspiring for many of us in some ways. She looks way better than she was in just a matter of a few months.

When Susan was a contestant on Britain’s Got Talent in the year 2009, she was known for her songs and weight that she had put on during that time. She impressed the judges of Britain’s Got Talent with her voice. It was not only the judges but thousands of people across the world who were talking about her beautiful and soothing voice throughout the season.

In the present day, Susan has become a prominent singer and has released more than seven albums. Her net worth is estimated to be around $35 million. If you want to know how Susan Boyle lost weight and what inspired her so much, then start reading this article.

Who is Susan?

First of all, let’s get to know who is she and for what she is famous for. Susan Boyle is a singer who hails from Scotland. She was born on the 1st of April, 1961, and dedicated her life to singing at a very young age. She appeared for the first time on the television in the year 2009 when she gave an audition in Britain’s Got Talent. She performed the song live in front of hundreds of people, and the song was “I Dreamed A Dream.” In the same year, she launched her debut album. Her album became a fast-selling album of all time in the United Kingdom after its release, and she became a household in the UK. The album also featured in the Billboard 200 chart for about six straight weeks, and she earned about 5 million Euros from it. But what motivated her to lose weight? Read it out here.

What motivated Susan to lose weight?

Susan was struggling with her massive weight since she was a child. People used to bully her in her school and college for her being overweight and the way she looked. However, when she was diagnosed with diabetes in the year 2012, she thought that it’s time for her to lose some weight and start leading a healthy and beautiful life.

Diabetes is a disease that prevents all the cells in your body from consuming glucose and convert it into usable energy. It was that time in her life when she was diagnosed with this disease that was making it difficult for her to live with her bulky body. After doctors confirmed her to be diabetic, she started her life more seriously and decided to lose weight. Let’s read more about her journey in losing weight.

How did Susan lose weight?

You will across various stories focusing on the journey of Susan Boyle lost weight. However, here are some underlying factors that helped Susan in losing weight up to 50 pounds within a few months:

  • She had to avoid eating sugar or sugary products.
  • Working out extensively
  • Taking Garcinia Cambogia supplement

Let’s talk more about these three factors that helped her to lose weight.

She had to avoid eating sugar and sugary products.

When Susan became aware of her diabetic conditions, she was asked by the doctors to cut down sugar intake or altogether avoid it. When anyone has diabetes, there are two changes: (i) your body doesn’t produce insulin at all, (ii) your cells start becoming resistant. This causes the body’s sugar level to rise, and whatever amount of sugar present in your body remains unused. This unused amount of sugar gets preserved in your body in the form of fat and further starts deteriorating the metabolism of the body. She confessed in the interviews that she stopped eating sweets, chocolates, and cakes after she was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

The foods she avoided that contained sugar:

Beverages containing sugary products such as packaged fruit items, vegetable juices, energy drinks, sodas, or milkshakes.

  • Processed food items
  • Alcohol
  • Store-bought dressing of salads, ketchup, and different kinds of sauces
  • Cakes,
  • Pastries
  • Candies
  • Refined Sweeteners
  • Breakfast cereals.

Here are some food items that she was allowed to eat that contained sugar:

  • Fruits and Juices – All those food items that had natural sugar content and dietary fiber, she was allowed to eat or drink. Fruits that contained vitamins, essential minerals, etc. and are considered suitable for your body to digest, she was allowed to eat and drink.
  • Vegetables – Vegetables contain good carbohydrates that can be easily broken down into sugar. She started eating veggies that helped her body to digest and flush all the toxins out of the body.
  • Cane Sugar, Dark Brown Sugar: Cane Sugar is less processed and doesn’t have high sugar level content. She was allowed to eat or drink sugarcane juices.

Besides this, she also consumed protein and some healthy fat food items that included nuts, seeds, etc. for maintaining a balanced diet.

Working out extensively

Susan started her journey for weight loss by cutting down sugary products in her food items. Also, she began to work out broadly as she knew that exercise is also as important as maintaining a balanced diet. She walked for about 2 miles every single day and also did a few abs exercises. Although, she told in an interview that walking was the only thing she could do, considering her health conditions and age.

Consuming Garcinia Cambogia Supplement 

Garcinia Cambogia is a tart fruit that is available in tropical regions within Southeast Asia. These fruits are dried and used in the form of edible food items by adding a tangy flavour within the processed food items. She, along with her nutritionists, started consuming these food items regularly, which helped her in losing a lot of weight.

This was the journey of Susan Boyle losing weight and her inspirational story at the age of 50 that is motivating thousands of people across the world.

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