Top 10 Computer Science Colleges in India

Computer Science is one of the leading branches of Engineering. The number of craze students is having for it is priceless. India owns the highest number of youths in the world and the number of aspirants of Engineering is gaining momentum with every passing year. India houses some of the globally reputed institution offering Engineering in Computer Science.

1-Indian Institute Of Technology Madras:

IIT, Madras is one of the prominent institutions of India with the stature of Institute of National Importance. It was established in the year 1959 making it the third of the IITs in India. It Madras is ranked number 1 out of 300 Engineering College in India.

IIITM offers B.Tech and M.Tech degree on several domains. However, they provide the best academic faculty when it comes to Computer Engineering. It offers B.E along with B.Tech for Computer Science. It also delivers M.E and M.Tech in Computer Science.

2- Indian Institute of Technology Delhi:

IIT Delhi was established in the year 1961 and is amongst the old IITs in India. It has earned the accolade of Institute of National Importance making it independent of all authority. NIRF has ranked this prestigious institutions number 2 out of 300 Engineering Colleges in India.

IIT Delhi has also procured the stature of Institute of Eminence by the Government of India and hence entice students from all across the globe. IITD is regarded as one of the finest Computer Science colleges in India. It offers PG diploma in Computer Science Engineering along with B.E and B.Tech degree.

3- Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay:

IIT Bombay is a public technical university founded in the year 1958. In 1961 IITB received the Institute of National Importance stature. NIRF has ranked it number 3 out of 300 Engineering Colleges in India. It is one of the tops colleges for academics in Computer Science in India.

IITB delivers a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Computer Science with B.E /B. Tech and M.E/M.Tech programs.

4- Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur:

IIT Kanpur started in the year 1959. This public technical Institute was declared as Institute of National Importance. This technical school is regarded as one of the top ten Computer Science colleges in India with a NIRF ranking of 4 out of 300 colleges in India.

IIT Kanpur offers B.Tech and M.Tech degrees in Computer science along with various other domains in their curriculum.

5- Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur:

IIT Kharagpur is a public Technical University founded in the year 1951. It has earned the accolade of Institute of National Importance an Institute of Eminence in the year 2019. It is regarded as one of the best computer science colleges in India with a NIRF ranking of 5 out of 300 colleges of engineering in India.

It offers Bachelor in technology and Masters in Technology degree in computer science along with other departments.

6- Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee:

IIT Roorkee was established in the year  1847 and hence it is one of the oldest colleges in India. It has been ranked as number 6 out of 300 colleges of Engineering in India by NIRF.

IIT Roorkee delivers numerous courses in its curriculum. This Institute has got an eccentric faculty for Computer Science furnishing aspirants with B.Tech and M.Tech degrees.

7- Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati:

IIT Guwahati was founded in the year 1994. It has earned the prestigious accolade of being called Institute of National Importance. NIRF has ranked this eminent technical and research university the 7th grade out of all Engineering colleges in India.

IITG proposes educational studies in engineering and technology out of which computer science has the most promising faculty. It offers B.Tech and M.Tech in Computer Science.

8- Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad:

IIT, Hyderabad is one of the youngest IIT in India. This technical school of research and education was established in the year 2008. NIRF ranking of IIT Hyderabad is number 8 out of 300 engineering colleges in India.

IITH houses a number of course in their curriculum out of which they have B.Tech and M.Tech in computer science.

9- National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli:

NIT Trichy is one of the prestigious technical university of the country. It was inaugurated in the year 1964. It is one of the top-ranked NIT with a NIRF ranking of number 9 amongst all engineering colleges in India.

NIT Trichy academically provides courses on several subjects including that of Computer Science with the availability of B.Tech and M.Tech program.

10- Indian Institute of Technology, BHU:

IIT, Varanasi is amongst the veteran educational institutions of India. It was established in 1919 and is a constituent body of Banaras Hindu University. NIRF has ranked it 11 out of 300 Engineering colleges in India making it one of the best Engineering colleges for computer science in India.

IIT-BHU delivers courses on various domains out of which Computer Science is one. It delivers B.Tech and M.Tech in Computer Science.