Top 11 YouTube to MP3 Converter Sites

Entertainment is a major lookout today. The evolution brought up in the entertainment world is all because of the rising demand and the increasing visibility of the entertainment sites. Today with the emergence of technology, entertainment is not only limited to television or radio box, but it has also nailed up its space in smartphones and is now available with just a few touch and the internet connection.

Entertainment has spread up its wings in a plethora of branches. Television soaps, films, music has given way to latest web shows, music album, informative videos, cooking shows and a lot more to add to the list. There are a number of entertainment application or sites available in the play store or search engines respectively.

These apps deliver numerous entertainment shows, videos, films with diversity in genre and languages. One such entertainment platform is YouTube.

YouTube is the greatest search engine after Google. This American based video sharing outlet was born on 14th February 2005. It has its headquarters in San Burno, California, USA. In 2006, Google purchased the channel from its founders and today, YouTube is one of the biggest underlings of Google.

YouTube has got its popularity in such a hype that there are times when the site got crashed. YouTube hosts a number of videos which includes television soaps, cooking shows, audio clips, video clips, clips from popular shows or movies. It also ventures movie trailers, live streaming, recording videos, short films, documentaries, informative videos, DYE videos, the recipe of varying cuisine, educational content, etc.

YouTube allows you to upload, download, stream, rate, review, like, share, subscribe, of videos and channels. It also helps you to communicate through comments. The videos are uploaded mostly by individuals and some are even uploaded by sites like Hulu, as joint ventures with YouTube. The registered users are only allowed to upload videos rest of the viewers can download and watch the videos. On certain restricted videos, people of 18years and above are allowed to access.

YouTube hosts content catering to the taste of the users. With enormous s amount of visibility, it hosts content with varying genres. Apart from entertaining the users with a plethora of videos and clips, there are several music lovers who visit YouTube for its outstanding music collection.

YouTube can be treated as a paradise for Music Buffs. As YouTube connotes only are many such users who wish to have the collection of songs in Mp3 format. YouTube hosts songs in video format which is not always convenient to hear without watching the videos. Hence the conversation of YouTube music videos into Mp3 is much in demand.

There are numerous applications available on the internet which converts YouTube into Mp3. But installing an application may result in occupying of storage of your smartphone or your laptops. However, to make the process more hassle-free and easy, the internet houses several sites which can convert YouTube into Mp3. In this article, we will learn about the 11 best sites to convert YouTube into Mp3.

Best Sites to convert YouTube to MP3.

Most of you like to listen to something on your headphones while working. It is not always possible to turn on the videos, sometimes the magic lies are hearing stuff. So here we present some of the sites using which you can convert not only the songs of YouTube into Mp3 but you can create your own podcast out of the series or shows YouTube hosts. Let’s have look at the best 11 YouTube to Mp3 Converter sites;

1. FLVto

FLVto is one of the leading sites which is used to convert YouTube into Mp3. The most unique feature of FLVto is that it not only transforms YouTube into audio but also into video format. It has earned the 3rd position amongst YouTube to Mp3 Converter sites. For the conversion process, it requires a video URL. After the required URL is placed in the conversion tool, the ‘convert to’ icon starts the conversion process. FLVto is very much popular among its users for converting videos into Mp3 and other audio formats. You can also share the converted formats of YouTube to your friends via email.


This yt conversion site is very much popular among the beginners who are starting their career or are learning the procedure of conversion. It is very easy and convenient with an incredibly simple interface to use. Using this YouTube conversion site you can transform the videos of YouTube in both Mp3 and Mp4 format which is the audio and video format respectively.  This site is quite adaptable in smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops and PC. It doesn’t require heavy internet usage. You can simply place the copied URL of YouTube in the conversion tool, select the format and press on ‘convert’ to receive the converted product.

3.Mp3 YouTube

Mp3 YouTube is one of the most efficient sites used for the conversion of YouTube into Mp3. This site is known for its quick and hassle-free conversion. It hosts a terrific interface giving the users an outstanding experience. Once you copy the URL from YouTube and paste it in the conversion tool, within no time it gives you the converted format of the audio or video in authentic quality. It also works efficiently with Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and other apps. The fast interface and working make it users first choice.

4. Video Grabber

Video Grabber is one of the finest sites which helps you to download several videos from online portals. You can also use this platform to download and convert the content from YouTube into your desired format of Mp3 or Mp4. For the conversion process, you can add the URL of the content in its conversion tool and wait for the website to detect the content. Once Video Grabber seeks the content it converts the content. Thereafter, you can save it in your desired format. This website is also compatible with Windows and Mac Operating system. It also offers tools for editing the videos.

5. 2Conv

This amazing site is yet another easy-to-function YouTube to Mp3 conversion site. It not only works with YouTube but it is compatible with websites like Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, etc. The conversion process of 2Convo is very easy and convenient. You have to just copy the URL and paste it in the conversion tool and within a few seconds you can have access to your desirable converted format of audio or video. 2Convo also works with macOS and Windows for download of HD quality videos and audio. 2Convo is very much popular among its users for its versatile adaptive nature.

6. ClipConverter

Another exceptional site used for the conversion of YouTube content into Mp3. This can be regarded as a major hub for music buffs out there. You can easily convert the content without any hassle and disturbance. One of the prime feature of ClipConverter is that it allows you to set the quality of the Mp3 before conversion. For the conversion process, you can copy the URL and paste it in the conversion tool, you have to then select the format into which you want to transform, whether Mp3 or Mp4 or M4A, you can then select the quality and press on the download button to get your desired content.


Among various YouTube conversion sites, has it’s own unique and desirable features. The conversion process in this site is said to be the easiest among all conversion sites. By using you can readily transform the YouTube videos into your desirable format of Mp3 (audio) and Mp4 (video). You can copy the video URL and paste it in the conversion tool to begin the conversion process. Within a few seconds, you can get your converted content. Apart from that, you can also rename the file names according to your wish. The speed of makes it highly desirable.


Another incredible site for conversion of YouTube into Mp3 is Mp3hub. This site has got a quick and convenient interface. You can download audios videos from YouTube without being charged for it. Besides YouTube, Mp3hub is used to download Mp3 from websites like Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Daily Motions and similar sites. For converting the videos from YouTube you can copy the URL and paste on the conversion tool to get your converted Mp3. The website can also be accessed in Smart Phones and Tablets.

9. Online Video Converter

Online Video Converter is another leading site used to convert YouTube to Mp3. This site is known for its fast process and finest features. It offers an experience worth visiting again. The best part about this website is it not only transforms the content into Mp3 but also into Mp4, MOV, M4V, FLV, AVI, etc. It is also capable of downloading audios from websites like Facebook, Instagram, Daily Motion, Vimeo,, etc. If you are wanting an efficient site for conversion of YouTube into Mp3, Online Video Converter is one of the best options.

10. ClipGrab

Another fantastic website for downloading and converting clips from YouTube into Mp3 format is ClipGrab. This website is known for it’s an easy and efficient interface as it gives an outstanding experience. It supports bot only YouTube but several other websites for downloading and converting videos. For converting the content, you can copy the URL into your clipboard and paste it in the site. You can then click on ‘Grab the clip’ and in no time, the converted content will be saved in your desired location. ClipGrab is very much famous among music enthusiasts for the phenomenal experience it offers.

11. 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is another amazing website which can be used for conversion of YouTube content into your desired format. This site basically hones in downloading videos, but it also has a tool to undergo the conversion process. For conversion, you have to copy the URL from YouTube or from other websites like Facebook, Daily Motions, etc. You can paste the URL and click on Extract Audio. After the extraction process is done, the audio gets saved in your desired destination. This website is useful only for Windows users. It doesn’t host a long playlist. Besides that, it gives an ad-free experience in the interface.

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